About Us

The Pine Lodge is a unique little shop reconstructed from old cabins that once were a part of nearby bible camps. Our cabins are a gathering of unique finds selected to satisfy our nostalgic desire with “classic”, rustic touches like well-worn antiques, exclusive reproductions, reclaimed and repurposed treasures. Whether you live in a cozy cottage, have a lake cabin or a spacious farmhouse, we’ve got all the design inspiration you need to refresh your home! Our family invites you to stop in and visit.

Our store front is located just West of Chetek, WI.

Bring your friends and make a day of it!
We’ve got lots of other shops in the area that we can send you to!

Our Story

The Pine Lodge  was a little shop near Cindee’s house that she often visited on her way home. In the Fall of 2016 this unique property became for sale. Cindee immediately discussed the idea of buying the property with her family and thought it was a perfect opportunity for her and her parents to work together as a family.

Cindee’s parents were excited to be included, they sold their home in Rice Lake and relocated to Chetek. The foursome began their new journey on April 1st, 2017.

“I have always dreamed of owning my own business, something small and something I would love, and I found it here!”

Cindee Borton

Meet Us


AKA: “Corporate”

I love to hunt for unique decor and gifts! My favorite thing about the Pine Lodge Shop is when a guest comes in and tells me how much they love our shop or how they want everything! This little shop is a dream and when I can spend hours staging and decorating it just right for a special event or opening I am at my happiest.


AKA: “The Manager”

I’m Cindee‘s mom and I truly enjoy getting to know all our wonderful guests. I have met so many people from all over and have made a lot of new friends. Cindee and I have always worked together and we make a great team! My favorite thing about the Pine Lodge Shop is definitely the feeling of  tranquility the cabins offer, and it’s a great retirement gig!


AKA: “Daddy Denny”

I can build and fix  just about anything to do with carpentry. If the wood smoke is coming out of the workshop chimney you will probably find me building or restoring a piece of furniture for the shop. My favorite thing about the Pine Lodge Shop is the location, the lakes nearby and the wonderful community.